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[SP] Partisan Action - Reupload

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you play as partisan female sharpshooter Sofia Synetós and provide fire support while an attack on a enemy village.
This is just a reapload of a very old small mission, where I tested how things work in ArmA 3 compared to ArmA 2, as I found out, that it was broken.

Changes over the old version:
-Fixed a bug, whre squadleader got stuck on a waypoint and didn't continue.
-added more enemies inside buildings to snipe.
-added more "killcams".
-a lot of smaller fixes/imrovements.

-You play as female partisan sharpshooter.
-Fully voice acted. Most of it is dubbed by me, the rest is just text-to-speech program, as it would not be good only with my voice.
-Small intro cutscene.
-Custom notification icons.
-You can select from some weapons before the mission.

Known issues:
-An error pops up in the mission briefing. It started to occure since I removed sound mod and even though I tried to resolve this problem with several ways, I just can’t get rid of it.
Other, than that the mission works fine.


DOWNLOAD on Steam Workshop

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I've released an update for this mission.



  • Added one more MG magazine to Helen's inventory, so she now doesn't fastly run out of ammo.
  • Placed ammo boxes inside the enemy HQ in case the player runs out of ammunition.
  • Sniper observing the village now doesn't need to be eliminated in order to clear it.
  • Fixed the "music does not want to play" problem.
  • Added more music tracks.
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