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Does anyone have a simple way of getting the animation name of the door you are looking at?

I have been using animationNames and then opening each of the doors using foreach while displaying the anime name in system chat, but it is not very efficient.

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I am not the best at this - but I am assuming you want the code that will open the door? Or do you just want the door name? Or the doorsource name, in order to make it open/close?


Here is an example of how I find doors in one of my scripts. I am sure there are better ways, you will have to adjust the scripts below to your needs.


This code below runs in a loop - constantly checking for doors in buildings, and then executing code once a door is found.

				private _SelectionNames = (selectionNames _building);
					if (["door",_x] call BIS_fnc_inString) then
						private _doorPos = _building selectionPosition _x;
						private _WorldPos = (_building modelToWorld _doorPos);
						if (player distance2d _WorldPos < 3) then
							private _Door = [_x, "dDoor_0123456789"] call BIS_fnc_filterString;
							if !(missionNamespace getVariable [((str _Building)+_Door),false]) then
								private _HandleObj = "#lightpoint" createVehicleLocal _WorldPos;
								_HandleObj setpos _WorldPos;								
								[_Building,_Door,_x,"Door",_HandleObj] spawn INT_fnc_DoorDraw;
				} foreach _SelectionNames;


Code snippet from DoorDraw function:

This part adds the door, among other things, to an array and adds a displayhandler that will allow the player to open/close a door by using their scroll wheel. I am assuming the way to get the door sourcename is what you are after? Look at the variables _Doorsource and _DoorNoSource.

private _DoorArray = [_Building,_Door,_HandleObj];	
INT_SelectedDoors pushback _DoorArray;
	_INT_SlowOpen = (findDisplay 46) displayAddEventHandler 
			params ["_displayorcontrol", "_scroll"];
				_x params ["_Building","_Door","_HandleObj"];
				if ([player, _HandleObj, 0] call BIS_fnc_isInFrontOf) then
					private _DoorSource = format ["%1_sound_source", _Door];
					private _DoorNoSource = format ["%1_nosound_source", _Door];
					private _p = _Building animationSourcePhase _DoorSource;
					if (_scroll > 0) then {_p = _p + 0.4} else {_p = _p - 0.4};
					if (_p > 1) then {_p = 1};
					if (_p < 0) then {_p = 0};
					_Building animateSource [_DoorSource, _p];
					_Building animateSource [_DoorNoSource, _p];	
			} foreach INT_SelectedDoors;				




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