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Limit looting of AI uniform

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I'm working on an AI "faction" that will be used as roaming and mission AI on all of our Exile servers.  We may include it in our Liberation servers as well.  I'm looking for a way to prevent the players from acquiring the uniform that will be used by the AI.  I have character classes, uniform classes, and models created and included in our community addon.  I want to avoid just stripping the AI and leaving their corpses laying around in their skivvies. 


One way to accomplish this (I think) is to have the uniform removed when they're killed but have those characters use a custom naked body that is skinned with my uniform model.


I haven't done that yet.  If that works then I just need to sort out how to remove the uniform.

I'll be using either DMS, Occupation (DMS), or A3XAI to generate the AI and so would need to have the strip script included there. If anyone has any input on a better way or can point me in the right direction for what script elements I'll need to modify I would appreciate it.

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