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[WIP, COOP] Escape From Chertarkov

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First of all, my English is not that good, so... bear with me! 🙂

Well i know that you are going to say... "ah, another Escape mission... another tarkov... and etc" but wait a second, maybe you'll like this mission because so far we have:
- Random loot spawn (yeah i know, that's something people already seen, but wait a second, there is some more stuff to see)
- The whole chernarus is divided into 3 territory controlled by:
1) Scums (ex ChDKZ, bandits and etc)
2) Nationalists (more professional guys)
3) Russian spec ops (really dangerous guys)
and two secret groups:
1) other PMC that will hunt players in location
2) Cultist faction (be careful, they will do bad things to you) WIP still need to change and make them more like a cultist (from now they are using livonia units)
- We have a database (Credits goes to gruppe-adler! thanks my dude!)
- Money system (again, credits goes to gruppe-adler!)
- Shop (gruppe-adler! 🙂 thanks for all scripts you made for us 🙂 ) right now you can only buy stuff.
- Random AI spawn (two raids will never be the same, so be careful)
- Enhanced AI (ai will dodge, they will act more clever)
- AI will talk when they see you, just like in Tarkov, so if you kill them they also make sounds >:D
- Random Crashsite script with loot (thanks to GEORGE FLOROS GR! you are the best)
- you were killed? no problem! you can watch your friend fight in the raid by using the computer
- ACE integration (for shop, money and etc) sorry guys but this mission only works with ace 😞
- ACE campfire (credits to gruppe-adler!) you can make campfire during the night near trees.
- Some friendly PMC that will help you, they also spawn randomly around the map during the raid.
- Exits back to base, but they are semi random, each time you restart the server the exits will be different.
- At the base you can heal for free, just find a mysterius man in bunker.
- Hunger and thrist system.
- Ambient and combat music (a little bit buggy sometimes but it's work still)
- Almost done translating to English (65%) i just made this mission private for my friends but decided to share it with you guys.
- Tested on dedicated server
- and maybe something else that i forget.

To-do list:
- Random mini missions?
- Some kind of random events?
- more "Alive" functions to AI like looting, walking from the town to town.
- lonely renegades?
- Playing as a random scav with random loot?
- PVP mod?
- more map support?
- Scav junkbox? (scavs will bring sometimes random loot to base if you give them money)
- Bunker upgrade system?
WARNING WHEN YOU ARE DONE PLAYING FOR TODAY SERVER ADMIN SHOULD USE THIS IN DEBUG CONSOLE 1)to save your loot containers simply execute globally this:  [true,2] call grad_persistence_fnc_saveMission;!!!!! i still not sure how to make it work via addaction so i need some advice how to do that.
- To make a campfire use ACE self action menu (ctrl+window) and go to equipment.
- To take money from dead AI use ACE action menu (window)
- If you are in the safe zone (base) you can put your money into bank account, go to terminal and use ACE action me (window) you'll see deposit money and etc
- To trade with Prapor again... use ACE action menu on him (window)
- as an admin you can use debug console here is useful commands for now:
1)to save your loot containers simply execute globally this:  [true,2] call grad_persistence_fnc_saveMission;
2)to change the weather just simply execute globally this:  [] execVM "StartMission.sqf"; it will generate random weather.

Cup terrain - core
Cup weapons
Cup units
Cup vehicles
Kurt's survival system (KSS)
Chernarus REDUX
LAMBS DANGER (High recommended)
Tarkov's vests
Escape From Tarkov Backpack's
Community Faction Project

jsrs soundmod + cup support jsrs
Enhanced movement



i'll not spoil this for you, go and check my mission out 🙂

Still want to play it? here is the link!
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2115330361 have fun!
Credits also goes Twiznak for his kind help, his mission was the main "skeleton" so... this all happened because of his mission 🙂

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