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[Release] Vehicle AirDrop Script

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A simple script that allow you to load any vehicle in a near airplane/helicopter and then drop it from the sky via add actions.

Drop option will be appear after you reach to altitude more then 20 meters, which you can change it.

For any vehicle you load in dropper, you will get a separate add-actions to drop that vehicle and you must be the pilot.

Tested on sp and mp.


How to use: 

Just copy files from demo mission into your mission folder. 

Add this code to init any vehicle you want to load

this addaction ["<t color=""#ff0000"">Load in airDroper</t>","tfi_load.sqf",[0],1,false,true,"","(_target distance _this) < 10"];


Download from Google Drive


Steam Workshop


Download from Armaholic


Thanks to KK for parachute function



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