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hpp editiing in GUI EDITOR

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You need to have your GUI defined correctly first to be able to import it from description.ext ( missionConfigFile ).



#include "A3_Base_GUI_defines.hpp" //Export of GUI definitons //https://github.com/LarrowZurb/A3_GUI_Defines
#include "adminMenu.hpp" //Your displays definiton


//Example display that has just a text box
class adminMenu {
	idd = 10000;
	class controls {

		class ctrlStatic {
			x = 0.25;
			y = 0.25;
			w = 0.5;
			h = 0.5;

			text = "A large text box";


Then use the class name of your display, as in the file above class adminMenu in the import UI of the GUI Editor as shown in this video.


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