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Dear Art of War contestants, 


Broken Links


After viewing our first batch of submissions for the contest, we have noticed that many entries have incorrect or inaccessible links. Although we have tried to encourage the validation of these, we recognize that it is very easy to copy and paste an erroneous URL. 

Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to check and amend your entries! But please, do ensure we can access them, preferably by logging out of your hosting site and verifying each link separately. Here is a quick summary of the problems we have encountered so far:


  • Incorrect links
  • Restricted access (e.g., permissions required to access submission, especially Google Drive)
  • Generic Google Drive links, referring back to non-specific users (e.g., https://drive.google.com/drive/my-drive)
  • Links to incorrect Google File documents
  • Empty submission folders (not a problem if you're aware! Submissions can be placeholders)


In addition, we are noticing that most of our entries are not being submitted correctly. Of course, we will do our best to retrieve your data, but to ensure your entry is considered, be sure to read through the Contest Rules thoroughly, particularly the section giving information for submissions. Better yet, you can even use our submission templates. There are different templates for each category. Please refer to the image at the bottom of this post to see how your entries should look. For further information on sharing documents, please refer to Google Drive's dedicated help page


Not Following the Theme


Finally, we would like to remind you that the theme of 'International Humanitarian Law in Future Conflict' for the 2D art category is mandatory.

Sadly, we have received some very nice artwork, but several submissions do not engage with the theme at all and will consequently not be considered for a prize. Similarly, it may not be possible to include them in our virtual gallery. If you are struggling to think of a concept for the contest's theme, you may find inspiration in the Helpful Links thread in the Contest Resources forum. If you would like to submit an entry but are not sure if it meets the theme's criteria, please do feel free to email us at artofwar@bistudio.com. 


Some examples of subjects relating to the contest theme might include:


  • Autonomous weapon systems and loss of human control.
  • Cyber warfare and its impact on civilian infrastructure (such as hospitals, electricity grids).
  • New weapon technologies: legal and ethical considerations.
  • Opportunities to increase respect for International Humanitarian Law using advanced technology.


For example, an image showing a soldier, firing their weapon, without any further context, would not be appropriate for the theme. However, a soldier firing their weapon at civilians, whilst also being monitored by a humanitarian reconnaissance drone, to enforce the laws of war, would. 


Good luck everyone - we're really excited by what we've seen so far, and can't wait to see what else you will come up with!




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