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What is wrong with my "antiwater" for my ship?

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It shows in game as a black opaque plane.
As far as i can tell, it is configured the same way the antiwater in the test boat in official BI Samples for Arma 3.
I only set the texture to PAA instead of TGA, but that makes no difference, and even if i copy the antiwater from the sample boat, it shows black as well.
What is wrong?

The actual antiwater from my p3d: http://www.filedropper.com/antiwater

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Just in case somebody else stumbles into the same ...problem.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that antiwater plane (especially if you have nothing but the plane, like in the p3d i linked), but it was suggested to select the antiwater plane and use Faces -> Move Top, so i did that.
But the real problem seems to be that for reasons unknown to me, the whole model ended up semi-transparent in game, and it seems it borked the antiwater.
It took me a long time to notice it, because the transparency effect was very subtle, maybe like 95% opacity, just a tiny bit from being fully opaque.
Long story short, the transparency problem can be fixed by adding forcenotalpha (set to 1) to the "Geometry" LOD, and now that i did that, the antiwater suddenly works too.

Kudos to Reyhard and Eagledude4 on the Arma discord, who helped me troubleshoot this and eventually suggested this solution.

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