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How to stop Cessna TTx doors from auto-opening/closing?

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How do i stop the Cessna TTx from automatically opening/closing its cabin door depending on whether the engine is running or not?

1.) Go into editor, place the Cessna TTx (C_Plane_Civil_01_F), and start the scenario in SP
2.) Begin scratching your head, because the cabin is automatically open.
3.) Lock the plane and begin pulling your hair out, because it doesn't help.
4.) Try messing with various animation sources and start crying, because it leads nowhere.

Now, the problem is clearly caused by the plane being configured with "cabinOpening=1".
Setting this to 0 stops the cabin door from automatically animating, but then i couldn't find any way to make the door open/close on demand (via user actions, or scripting commands), and i think that is because the model is using some mysterious "cabin" as the animation source, which seems to be something hardcoded (at least i couldn't find its definition in any config).

So, any idea what am i doing wrong, and how to fix this nonsensical behavior?

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