vAiDriving Multiplayer Script by Valmont RELEASED!   Improved Ai Driving and Civilian Pedestrian Simulation will now also increase your FPS rather than decrease it! (Three for the price of one, order NOW!) (promotion ends when Arma 4 releases or we run out of stock!) EDIT: -SOLD OUT-   Inspired by (And adapted from) the work of the Ai Driving master @RCA3  !   REQUIRES CBA_A3 !   vAiDrive Main Features:
1) Greatly reduces the chances of Ai Driven Vehicles colliding with objects, vehicles and other units.
2) Greatly improved the chances of Ai Driven Vehicles evading other vehicles and units.
3) Since version 13 the script is able to handle the waypoints and movement of both vehicles and pedestrians and therefore it no longer needs manual waypoints setup by the mission maker. All that is required now is the placement of civilian vehicles and units on the scenario and the script does the rest.
4) By giving vehicles the optimal amount of waypoints, waypoint distance, timeout and position while also giving pedestrians custom routines that mimic real urban movement patterns the immersion of any mission using civilians is greatly increased.
5) Has the option to cache far away units and vehicles being handled by the script.
6) Due to its many optimizations, instead of having a toll on server performance this script actually INCREASES the performance (FPS) on the server!   Extra Features:
1) Ai units in the way of vehicles will move away from the streets and into buildings.
2) Option for Handled vehicles to open closed bargates automatically.
3) Option to add random uniforms and gear to civilian pedestrians automatically.
4) Ai vehicle Drivers will occasionally use their horns when a obstacle is in front.
5) Ai Drivers are optimized for driving! And if their vehicle run out of fuel then they exit the vehicle and the script stops (liberating resources).
6) The script uses a combination of scheduled and unscheduled Environments to achieve that virtual CERO impact on performance. OBS: Since version 13 it is nearly impossible to have fatalities of any kind due to bad Ai Driving with vAiDriving enabled (for the CIVILIAN SIDE).  
CHANGELOG:   How it works:   Limitations:   Usage:   Script Optional Configs:   The script (Updated to version 12):   PS: This script aims towards making the Ai Driven vehicles brake better. If you actually want to make the Ai drive better then you should use @RCA3's amazing AI Driving Control. (Link in spoiler Below)     Enjoy and I am looking forward for suggestions and testing input!   Special thanks to @RCA3 again for his work and sharing his amazing scripts and mods with us!   vAiDriving version 13 Demo Mission (Malden) DOWNLOAD LINK:   PS2: I haven't tested this script as a CONVOY but I believe it should also help with convoy missions probably. (Please report your results)