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10th Mountain Division, 87th Infantry Regiment

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10th Mountain Division 87th Infantry Reg. invites you to join our milsim and realism unit. We focus on making our unit as realistic as possible, and offer a multitude of different roles and specialties. We still remain fun and always take input from our unit as our #1 priority when making the operations. 


We try and do our best at immersing you into the game while retaining a level of fun and this is not a yes sir no sir unit. We do not take ourself as something we are not, we know we are not a military nor part of it, we simply emulate the 10th mountain the best we can. 


We have a multitude of operational theatres we operate within. From mountainous terrain, to door to door intense CqB and everything else in between. The 10th mountain is equipped for anything, with our dedicated fixed and rotary wing aviation, Armour, artillery and infantry units. 


No matter what you enjoy we have a place for you. Our infantry units have versatility from Combat Medic to JFO and everything else you would see in a US Army squad or platoon. 




•over 16  


•speak English 

•open to learning

•we prefer if you are from NA 




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