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Im new and am trying to set up a modded server

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Hello, I am new and just rented a dedicated (linux) server that has arma installed on it. It is currently running GREUH Liberation on altis just fine. I am looking to install some mods and am having trouble determining which ones are client side and which ones are server side (which then needs -mod=@ or -servermod=@ command line arguments?) The mod list is as follows if anyone can help: 
-JSRS Soundmod
-Cup Weapons
-Enhanced Movement
-JSRS Soundmod - Cup weapons mod sound support
-Advanced Urban Rappeling
-Advanced Towing

Thank you!

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-mod is required on both server and clients, -servermod is server only, none of these mods require this. Client side only mods dont require any command line entries, they do require keys if your running battleeye of which I have no experience so I cant help you with that.

That being said you could just put all in -mod but they would be required to be ran by everyone.

Here is the list for required and client side optionals:


  • CBA_A3
  • Earplugs
  • Cup Weapons
  • Enhanced movment
  • Advanced Urban Rappeling
  • Advanced Towing

-client side (remember to set up they keys for these if you run battleeye)

  • JSRS
  • JSRS Cup

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