GHOSTS - A Singleplayer Campaign Takes place in a slightly alternate Arma/OFP universe, join two men as they become privatized mercenaries working for a mysterious woman named Aksarben.

This was started way back in 2015, and took a little longer than expected, but here it is - in its final form.
It's a story/role-play driven campaign that borders close to a character study.

Ghosts features: Almost 1,000 lines of dialogue. A mix of fighting and linear story driven tasks. A large scale battle for "Free Stratis." Handcrafted intels, photos, and other custom textures. Two different endings. A few hidden easter eggs. Possibility of presence for replayability.   Special Thanks: AZCoder for initial testing, inspiration, and all around help getting this thing finished.   Available on the Steam Workshop Required addons and notes are also on the workshop. DropBox Download: Here