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Changing bullet type fired from CSAT or make Vest strong

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Im running Domination/Escape server and i want to  make the mission much more arcadey (like MGS or GTASA , which player wont die by one bullets).

and I tryed (without any kinds of knowledge about scripting) reduce damage take from enemy shot:  adding

(_this select 0) addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", { damage (_this select 0)+((_this select 2)/7) }]; 

    to "onplayerrespawn.sqf" ,it doesnt work on Escape mission ,and it works on Domination.I want make this idea work on Escape...

and then, I tought  some ideas.Is it possible to make those ideas work fine?

1.Make NATO's Vest much more strong (CSAT doesnt have NATO's vest so CSAT's solider wont become stronger) so human wont die so easily

i searched about this,but i think no one trying to do this

2.Change bullet type fired from CSAT's soldier(like 5.56 to 9*21, 50BMG to 5.56,HE-Shell to Smoke-Shell) so human wont die so easily


this idea shown above will work fine on Domination because no one take katiba6.5mm from enemy so I should make 6.5mm much weeker so human wont die easily

but on Escape,human will take 5.56/6.5mm from enemy.then human must use much week gun to escape! is there any idea to make this idea work fine?


What Im using:https://github.com/Xeno69/Domination




Thank you and best regards



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Hi Donpachiyarou!

Welcome to the forums.

Eventhandlers are unfortunately not 100% reliable in multiplayer situations, and they can eat up a lot of processing. Add to that the complexity of the damage system in Arma, and you are in for a lot of coding. 

I think the simplest solution is to enable increased health in the server difficulty settings, and to force all the enemy units to carry the Stinger 9mm SMG. It should take at least 5 shots to take down a player with that combination. 

PS Good choice with the Domination gametype. I find it's the best way to introduce Arma to casual players. I would start the scenario once though, and change some of the mission parameters (in the role selection screen; top right) to your liking.

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