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HELP Ai moves back to vehicle after doGetOut

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_crew = crew t1;
unassignVehicle t2;
{doGetOut _x} forEach _crew;

this is my script the ai moves back,there are two groups one who drive the vehicle and the infantry.

i set a waypoint for the infantry but they are not move there ,they are move back to the vehicle.

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Posted (edited)

unassignVehicle is for individual unit, so use it like this:

	unassignVehicle _x;
	doGetOut _x;
} forEach _crew;

Check notes from the community wiki:



Notes from before the conversion: Even though: {unassignVehicle _x} forEach crew vehiclename will make all the occupants of a vehicle disembark, if they are the original crew of the vehicle then they will just get back in again. To prevent this happening also use allowGetIn as in the example below: {unassignVehicle _x} forEach crew vehiclename; crew vehiclename allowGetIn false


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Didn't check notes from the community wiki ^^
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