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[SP] Op. Chalkdust (UKSF Modern Ops)

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DOWNLOAD (v1 beta):



As an elite operator in the UK Special Forces' Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR), your mission is to locate and capture or eliminate a high-value target (HVT) within ISIL leadership.

* Authentic modern military ops singleplayer mission in the spirit of my Arma 2 campaign, Task Force 42
* Multiple approaches to completing some objectives
* Bonus objectives unlockable in the field
* Access to weaponry, explosives, and vehicles from your starting position at OP Kemal
* Randomized unit presence adds variety to multiple playthroughs

Author's Notes:
* This is my second scenario release for Arma 3, should be a blast for fans of my Arma 2 SP Campaign Task Force 42.
* This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.
* This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough.
* It's the closest I could get with the tools at-hand, if you spot something that could be made more realistic or historically-accurate within what's possible in the game, please leave a comment with details!
* If you know of any useful scripts, supports, or other easy to implement features, please leave a comment with details!
* Your feedback is welcome, but I make no guarantee I'll be able to respond to it!

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* Removed certain triggers after first part of primary task is complete
* Marked key buildings on map in Shapur-1 to clear when you are close to them
* Made a couple explosions bigger
* Updated task destination after completing first part of primary objective
* Falcon element will re-enter the AO to hunt down remaining hostiles after primary objective is complete
* Fix to RTB task after primary objective is complete
* Typos corrected in briefing

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