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O2A Skymaster and Cessna 337

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Released!  Copyright 2020 hcpookie.  This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named hcpookie


Uploaded to steam and my OneDrive!  Hopefully Armaholic will be next 🙂





So there I was - bored to tears on one of those epic all-day concalls.  So while on perpetual hold, I was thinking about the An-28 discussion.  I decided to brush off the Cessna 337 / O2A Skymaster model from A2.  And after 6 hours (yep!) the call was over... I managed to have a mostly working plane 🙂




Yes that's a smoke marker round.  Lots of copy/paste from the EF2000 config and the gunpods from the Soviet AF pack.


CAS, FAC, and Observer/Transport models.  Rockets, Smoke rockets, gun pods, and bombs from the period-specific Rhodesian conflict including the "Frantan" (Frangible Tank) napalm, and "Golf" HE area effect bombs.  Also area illumination flares...





Currently, textures are crap - I need only to retexture them and make or find a good RVMAT with "rivet panels" on it to give the plane a good look.


So now we have another "light" plane.  Support for LESH towing.  The mod is signed, and the key is included.

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Posted small update based on feedback - ACE cookoff was spamming the plane for some reason.  I set the config to remove ACE cookoff.  Also fixed the errant 3D model of the illumination flare. 


Other than figuring out how to retexture in Blender, the addon should be pretty solid at this point, but feedback is appreciated!

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Small update:


FIX: Illumination Flare reload indicator
FIX: Rudder damage setting (jets DLC)
IMPROVED: All versions now seat 5 passengers


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