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Escape From Altis ATW - Wasteland server mod

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Combining elements from Escape from Tarkov, as well as just cause and GTA, this server brings ambience to a new level.  Currently in development it has reached a playable point.

Everything has been extensively modified, or swapped out.   The current build is available on my server to play at warkin.info.  I'm looking

for beta testers and help with server admin.  The mission can support more players but I only have a 20 slot server to host on for now.


  • Long / indefinite server runtime, aggressive control of data leaks, provide non stop server up time without restarts
  • Working ambiance throttles and doesn't stop even after 24 hours of server up time.


  • Spawn as a random civilian with no hostility
  • Each group is it's own faction
  • Group heat system (all players are independent, neutral) until they become hostile) - hide your weapons
  • ambient traffic - Enigma
  • ambient pedestrians - Enigma
  • ambient security forces
  • furnished buildings and hidden loot - TPW furniture
  • A3wasteland missions and features - A3 Wasteland
  • Lockable inventory

Planned Features

  • Group alliances
  • ability to hire persistent ai
  • base building improvements
  • heat system expansion
  • full trade and economy system
  • more traders
  • More detailed loot tables
  • additional factions
  • more missions
  • alliance held cities
  • ambiance expansions including air traffic and boats.


The following images are in game server run time.  Direct connect at warkin.info, running vanilla.



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