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Trigger only activating for player who activates

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Hi there, I created a very basic script to take control over other units. It's meant to be used on dedicated server. 


I spawn the function with this, in a standard trigger (Blufor/present). 



_myFunction = [] spawn moveUnit;


The function:



moveUnit = {

if (!isDedicated && hasInterface) then {

    _antiguaUnidad = player;
    _grp = group player;
    _nuevaUnidad = _grp createUnit ["C_man_p_beggar_F", getMarkerPos "mrk1", [], 0, "FORM"];
    selectPlayer _nuevaUnidad;
    deleteVehicle _antiguaUnidad;



The problem is: Sometimes works as intended (When any BLUFOR enters, the code is executed in every client). But sometimes, only executes for the player who entered the trigger. 


I researched a little bit and you are supposed to use something like in thisList etc to execute something in a certain client. Am I missing something? Any ideas? Is the script wrong?


Thanks, cheers. 


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