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Task Force-Sentinel [Recruiting][A3][NA][NEW][Milsim]

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Task Force Sentinel 


Task Force Sentinel is designed for players seeking a fun, professional, and challenging (milsim) experience. Our unit focuses on Combined Arms Operations modelled after the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment and 121st Air Expeditionary Group in a setting of 2035.

We are a community of players who love ARMA 3 and play it with a realistic mentality — using teamwork, unselfish role playing and with mods and communication technologies to emulate a serious military experience in a fun and relaxed gaming environment. Our goal is to effectively and efficiently bring true real world tactics to in game operations. While we are a relaxed group of individuals, in game operations are taken serious.

1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment


1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment here is centered around Mechanised Infantry that utilises Airborne tactics and Mechanised vehicles to accomplish operations. We play on liberation where we teach techniques that makes us capable of arriving by land, sea and air to conduct various additional operations included to but not limited to Seizing key terrain such as airfields & strategic facilities; High Value Target elimination/Capture; Deliberate and hasty Ambushes on enemy patrols and logistics.

121st Air Expeditionary group


121st Air Expeditionary group is a Special Operations Aviation section focused around the devastating fire power of the AC130 and the A10 to provide CAS. Additionally with the high capacity cargo capabilities of the CH53 and MC130 to support the 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment Logistics. They additionally boast a highly technical Tactical Air controller specialist that provide on the ground knowledge to assist in operations.

Additional Info:


If you are interested in learning more about us but are not quite ready to apply, we recommend you join our Teamspeak Server and talk with one of our members:

or try our discord: https://discord.gg/pQrEUYX

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