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Enemy AI can't be alerted if client is far away from server

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Hi everyone,


I'm quite noob when it comes to the server-client interaction in arma, so please bear with me on this one. So I was testing a mission with my friend, with him being the server. I noticed that when my position was close enough to him, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but when we're sufficiently far apart, like at least several kilometers, enemy AIs stopped responding to my gunshots (not going to alert) and will not try to engage, until I'm close enough to them (like 200m+ or so, even when they have weapons with long-ranged scope), while my friend, being the server, did not notice any problem at all (he still got sniped from 600m away).


We tried some other simple scenarios and this kept happening so I concluded that it must have been arma's client-server thing. I've tried googling for the reference information about this but so far no luck, though pretty sure I'm just missing the right keyword, so can anyone please refer me to the relevant arma wiki page or any info page about this? 


Another question is, if this is indeed an issue with arma client-server interaction, would using dedicated server address this?


Thank you in advance!

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If your buddy host the server he is running all the AIs so it might be possible if the AI is out of his viewDistance that the AI is not so responsive. Also if his computer/fps are bad the AI is also slower.
Use a dedicated server and the problem should be fixed i suppose.

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