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 Scripted factions compatible with your favourite weapons mod:

Veteran Mod, CUP, RHS, or just plain vanilla



- Compatible with your favorite weapons mod: Veteran Mod, CUP, RHS or just plain vanilla (not so realistic considering the available assets),
- Factions can be of any side
- There can be limitless factions without cluttering your assets
- Variation and randomness, loadouts are created at spawn based on probabilities
- Works with spawn scripts
- Language, faces and names are coherently assigned to each faction (considering the available choices)
- Each faction has an assault team that can be used as special force or different loadout pattern from the main faction
- Custom insignia and flags for each faction, they are added to vehicles used by faction and can be removed or replaced in-game
- Special (scripted) ammobox with specific faction weapons
- Custom made uniform textures
- Spawn modules that work with most CUP ME and RSO buildings (only the ones that work),
- User created/adapted factions can be reloaded on-the-fly with no need to relaunch arma (makes it much less time consuming)
- Extending factions for VTN mod users without infringing their rules

-works with just vanilla but it's intended to work with Veteran mod, CUP or RHS.






-TRYK's Multiplay Uniforms - mostly civilian clothes and some variety in uniforms and vests (not necessary if you use CUP)
-VSM Accessories or MLO (updated version) - provides diversity in balaclavas (strongly advised for decent balaclavas)
-Hidden Identity V2 - provides diversity in shemaghs (strongly advised for really jihadi looking shemaghs)
-Project OPFOR - only useful if you are using RHS instead of VTN, or CUP.

There is a faction for each side. If you place them in the editor they will load the the default factions which are:

MILITIA Blue Faction - Altis Resistance (insurgent revolutionary militia)
MILITIA Red Faction - AAF (a modern version of the AAF)
MILITIA Green Faction - Armed Civilians (armed civilians using hunting rifles, shotguns and an occasional AKM)
MILITIA Civilians - Just civilians

You can load any other of the premade factions or make/adapt your own. To load any of the premade factions just initialize the correspondent faction by setting the side variable. For example:
B_faction = "YPG";
O_faction = "IS";
C_faction = "MECIV1";


just use the Settings module to choose the faction

Available factions (mostly syrian conflict but can be whatever):
HTS - Organization for the Liberation of the Levant (Hayat Tahrir Al Sham)
MALHAMA - Malhama Tactical PMC
JTS - Syrian Liberation Front (Jabhat Tahrir Suriya)
IS - Islamic State
NDF - National Defense Forces
TFSA - Turkish Free Syrian Army
YPG - People's Protection Units
TSK - Turkish Forces
PKK - Kurdistan Workers' Party
TALIB - Taliban
CIVME1 - middle eastern civilians
RES - Altis Resistance
AAF - Modern AAF
ARMEDCIV - Armed Civilians

To create a new faction or adapt an existing one:
1 - place one or more of the existing faction files in a folder called MILITIA inside your mission folder.
2 - make necessary adjustments in the file (should be self explanatory).
3 - change the name of the file. For example: "badhombres.sqf"
4 - Initialize the faction on whatever side you want by setting the side variable. For example: O_faction = "badhombres.sqf".
NOTE: if you adjust an existing faction you should change its name to avoid issues. For example: "TALIB2.sqf"

- Mostly infantry and some vanilla vehicles to keep it universal and because VTN mod authors don't allow configs inheriting their assets. Additional vehicles can be added by a spawn script, or the supplied spawn modules
- Only basic stuff, no night vision goggles, only one pistol model used. This mod doesn't intend to replace any of the real good faction mods out there.
- Doesn't keep loadouts, they change every time the unit spawns. If you want to keep a particular loadout copy it to another faction
- Reliance on third party assets


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The latest update includes a few modules that makes it very easy to set up an occupied area


-Read module: put down vehicles and turrets for each faction (I advise only HMG's for now), customise vehicles appearance and put down objects that you want to attach to them (I use PLP materials to bulletproof vehicles for instance)

-Area spawn module: it will spawn vehicles read by the read module preserving customisations, crew them and add passenger groups if seats are available. It will spawn units and turrets in buildings in CUP ME and RSO buildings (only the good ones not the those that AI can see through). (I've mapped a ton of positions, so this goes well beyond building positions). A ton of other options: VBIED included

-Blacklist module: exclude buildings in area from occupation

-Core module: faction selection


I'm very happy with the result. I made them for myself but I'm sure other people will have fun with this. 

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