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During a MP mission, I am wanting to run a block of code when a certain magazine is fired from, but only once.



My players use a couple of weapons that can fire both standard and subsonic ammo.  I want to switch OPFOR from SAFE to AWARE if a non-subsonic round is fired.  I know the code for making the switch to AWARE, so I'm only looking for a solution to triggering it.


I was looking at the FiredMan EH but I'd have to attach it to each player, and the code would need to then remove the EH from all players when the EH fires the first time.  That seems overly complicated.


Using a trigger or mission-level EH would be simpler, and have it only run on the server would be ideal. 


What would be a clean, simple solution for this?  The trigger can be based on the magazine or ammo class name.





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