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"IncomingMissile" EH registration

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Hello people, I am having a really frustrating problem with the "IncomingMissile" EH. The EH works fine when an AI is engaging player vehicle, when AI engages AI vehicle but NOT when player engages AI vehicle. I did some searching in the forums and apparently the was some problem with this EH back in OFP days so I have tried multiple ways of localizing the EH. I have tried the init, CBA class eventhandler system and adding the EH to unit via extended_preInit_eventHandlers. All methods share the same problem. So far I have not even bothered with a dedicated environment so this has been all local. For reference here is the code I am running (I am using CBA and Ace if that is relevant):

this addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", {params ["_target", "_ammo", "_vehicle", "_instigator"];[_target, "SmokeLauncher"] call BIS_fnc_fire;}]


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