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RHS and Vanilla Armour and anti-tank compatibility??

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hi guys, a bit of a curly question I guess, how do we make RHS and ArmA Vanilla vehicles and AT play together properly?


I've been digging all day and all I can find at this point is this post


Red Hammer Studios

September 19, 2015 · 

For those who always wanted to play with or against vanilla units, there always was a compatibility problem between our damage model and the one of vanilla units (especially vehicles).
But no more, as with the 'Real Armor Mod', maintained by our fellow members Bakerman and OldsRAM, you now can effectively fight against Vanilla units using RHS, and viceversa.



the problem is that this post was ages ago and most of the host files are not there any more except for the ArmAHolic one, it's not even hosted on the steam workshop.


has anyone got a more up to date mod or link or file or how-to or anything?


or is it just tough luck?

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that particular mod is not maintained anymore, and, to my knowledge it is obsolete due to chnages that happen to the armor system in a3 at the time of tanks DLC. 

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It's not really an issue of compatibility, but more an issue of balance. This is somewhat of a complex topic because it's really two separate balancing issues that are compounding each other. In order to understand what's going on, you have to realize that there are basically two separate components to how Arma 3 handles vehicle damage: the armor system and the damage system. The armor system is how we define the thickness of the armor and is quantifiable, meaning we can directly translate real world data into the in-game representation. The damage system is how damage is applied once a round penetrates the armor, and is something that is not easily quantifiable. Balancing a vehicle within the damage system is something that is left up to the discretion of the author, where they essentially have to choose values based only on what "feels right."


The first issue is how Arma 3's stock content performs within the game's armor system. Arma 3 is set in the future, and while a lot of the content might be real and from the present day, the data behind the scenes that drives it is not. Vehicle armor and ammo penetration values have been significantly beefed up for the future setting. This means that anything using realistic values will struggle heavily to penetrate the armor of enemy tanks, and likewise, anything using vanilla ammo will slice through realistic armor like a hot knife through butter. This is something that can't really be fixed.


The second issue is a slight difference in the balance of health and damage values in the damage system. In order to get around a bug that causes damage to "leak" through armor, the hit (damage) value of RHS ammo was set generally lower than vanilla. Evidently if the hit value of ammo is too high, there is an area damage effect that is applied by the game engine which can damage components near the impact zone, completely negating armor. As a result of having lower ammo hit values, the hitpoint/health values of RHS armored vehicles are adjusted lower as well. This means that RHS ammo deals less damage to vanilla vehicles, while vanilla ammo is totally overpowered against RHS vehicles.


It could be partially balanced by ignoring the damage leak bug and upping the hit and hitpoint values to be closer to vanilla values, but ultimately it's really not worth it considering it would only be a partial fix that would introduce a new bug, just so players could have anachronistic battles against future tanks...

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