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Cannot load tank ammo

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Hi guys !

 I just reinstalled ArmA 3 Steam edition after a six months. I have the Global Mobilization DLC too.


 All is working fine for me except the tanks ! My trouble is that i cannot load their weapons. T-55s and T-72s are suffering about this too. Not the main gun neither the DSHK hmg ! If i am the commander of the tank i can command the crew to load the next ammo to load it. But if i am the gunner (or the loader in the 55) there is no "Load HEAT" "Load APFSDS"  etc. in the action menu.

Any idea what happened ? Well i unloaded several mods after the reinstallment, but i dont know what caused this... Im playing ArmA series since the beginning (Operation : Flashpoint too) but i never encountered this problem...

 Thanx !

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