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ARPI brings up 700 items to improve military roleplay and immersion in Arma 3. With ACE3 and CBA, some items have functionalities.







Our vision is to enable the Arma 3 player to tell stories by themselves with independet manipulation of arma environment. We want to spare micromanagement capacities of the ZEUS in extensive roleplay-missions and enable storytellers to increase immersion via filling missions with items. ARES RP Items [ARPI] brings up over 700 items to improve military roleplay and immersion in A3. With ACE3 and CBA, much items have functionalities or can be combined to become usable. Items are for example : Food, Tools, Electronical Equipment, Loot, ID's, Documents, Money, Boxes, Knifes, ComRadios, Contraband and other stuff.

The main aims of this mod are:

  • reduce telling and hint-work of zeus with self explanatory items
  • supply missionmakers with mission-relevant items
  • enable the player to physically affect the arma environment
  • provide a messaging system with players and virtual identites (NPC)
  • enriching the immersion of operations, for example "checkpoint simulation with regular civil items and contraband"
  • improve battlefield roleplay with military survival items, things you can find on killed combattants
  • supported language: english and german

Basic function via ACE Interaction

  • hint and sound for the used activity, read-and hearable in 15-30m range of the user
  • hints can be seen by admin and zeus globally (zeus will be informed about relevant activities)

Advanced functions

  • Some items can manipulate the environment (knive can kill, chainsaw saws trees, machete chops bushes, s.o. )
  • Survival System with modules for diseases, combinable scrap, water-system and filthy insects. Some Items can reduce or delete the effects of the modules
  • Some items can place objects, such as tents, campfires, security equipment, s.o.
  • Some items can detect variables in objects, for example geiger counter, chemsniffer or RFID Detector (see item list for variables)



  • All Functions require CBA3 and ACE3! It is possible to deactivate the ACE3 functions in your init.sqf by adding: AR_InteractionsEnabled = false;
  • Place relevant modules in the editor to use Global Interaction System, Trading System or other systems.



  • No reuploads on Steam allowed! No not never!
  • Montarization in any means is definately not allowed! Its a free mod for the community!
  • Useage on monetarized servers is not allowed.
  • If you want to rip/change/host these files to include them in your local clan-repos, thats ok for us
  • If you want to change or implement something, talk to us! We can make an improvement in the next official version together.


Future plans:

  • New Items, Sounds and Functions will be added


Classname list and descriptions: 


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Is there any HUD to show hunger/t status? Anyway, thanks a lot, this mod is going to be a game-changer for most immersive-like players.

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On 6/1/2022 at 7:46 AM, [ARES] Glenn Lambert said:

The mod has been updated. If you have ideas or suggestions, let us know 🙂 

I really like the fortify feature but one thing I noticed that would ne really cool to see is the ability for a player to build a destructible bridge over rivers ect. I love arma 3 milsim and being kit as combat engineer is a blast up until the point I see a trench or a river that I have to redirect my unit around simply because I don't have the option to build a bridge for my recon vehicles to cross. 

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