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Server FPS droping when firefighting with AI

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Hello everyone, here i come with a problem my community ended up with nowdays.


So basicly we reached some 55-65 players per mission and we have a problem with COOP. We played some TvT with 60+ players on our server with no problems, but when we tried to play COOP our server started loosing FPS and droping all the way down to 0. We make simple COOP missions, we have slots, few vehicles, markers, and 0 to 5-10 groups of enemy AI, HC is running, and we dont use any AI scripts or loops, etc.


When the mission starts server has 40+ FPS, it acts normaly, but as soon as the shooting with AI starts, just after few moments server FPS starts droping, it goes all the way down to 0 and its not comming back, or it just keeps acting strange. When that drop happens all the players get yellow chain. Also we played a lot of COOP on that same server with 40-45 players and had no problems, but whenever we have 50+ it goes down.


I have checked RTPs and we get a thousands of these 2 messages:


Server: Network message 2ad5c1b is pending

Server: Object 64:123 not found (message Type_92)

Server: Object 76:3 not found (message Type_120)


Our server is running on I7-4770 with 32gb RAM, we rented it at Hetzner and we have a very good bandwith.


Its 900/900Mbps and our server settings are:
Max Msg Send 1024

Max Size Guaranteed 696

Mas Size Nonguaranteed 232

Min Bandwith 512000 kbit/s

Max Bandwith 2047 mbit/s

Min Error to Send 0.001

Min Error to Send Near 0.01

Max Custom File Size 160

Max Packet Size 1400

And its on Windows 10 Pro

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On 4/13/2020 at 3:17 AM, Frenki said:

Its 900/900Mbps

You have 900Mbps, but set your max to 2047Mbps? That seems a bit unreasonably large.


Can you explain a bit further? what happens when players get yellow chain, whats going on ingame?

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