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How to change faction's default equipment

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Hello, so what I want to basically do is just change the default equipment (so it changes it in every mission, campaign, etc. but I want it to be mission friendly, so it only works where the unit doesn't have some equipment that's changed by the mission - for example where the mission gives you or some NPC some other weapon, it should still give you that weapon) of NATO units.
I want to change every soldier's default uniform to sleeves down, and I want only the mine and explosives specialists to have the heavy vests.
Also I want to change every helmet to the enhanced combat helmet.
I have no modding skills whatsoever, last game I modded from the series was Operation Flashpoint and that was many many years ago.
So what would be the simplest way to achieve this? Could someone please help me? What tools do I need, what do I need to replace, change, etc.

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Easy way of doing this would be for each unit you wanna change, adjust it's config entry then it'll make a new default uniform for example.

An example of this would be:

class B_Soldier_F: B_Soldier_base_F	{
	uniformClass="U_B_CombatUniform_mcam"; //Here you change the uniform classname

I mean this'll work to change the units clothes on any mission but will require a new addon (something you mentioned you don't know) to be made and downloaded by all users. It's fairly simple to make one now a days though!
Hope this helps!

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