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 Flight Model Patch v1.1 For Firewill's F-15 Eagle by ANZACSAS Steve.

- A Flight model/dynamics patch for firewill's F-15 Eagle that makes it more like DCS.:)

-v1.1 Reworked completely.

- Signed and has server key.

- Also comes with a multiplayer mission pack listed below -
 COOP 10 Save The Platoon - Altis
 COOP 50 Combat Air Assault - Tanoa, Altis, Stratis, Malden, South Asia
 COOP 30 Air War Over South Asia - South Asia v1.4
 COOP 10 Anti Aircraft Hunt - South Asia v1.4


- Thanks to bis and the community.

- Thanks to Firewill.

- Enjoy 🙂






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