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Hello everyone.

After some advice, ive been playing arma years and litearlly the other day bought a new gaming pc, and after downloading arma, and playing a few games last night on singleplayer and king of the hill, it was just fine.

I load it up today and as soon as i load into a game (spawn in). The game will completely freeze, i cant use task manager as the cursor doesnt appear so i have to do a restart, ive tried a few basic things and looked some stuff up to find that nothing i do fixes it. Every other game i have works fine, i guess its just arma being arma 😞 i run it on the 64 bit ver,


my basic specs --



AMD RYZEN 7 2700X 4ghz

Corsair 16GB DDR4 @3000mhz 



ive made sure graphics driver is up to date etc...

ive made sure everything is plugged in right considering its a new pc.

ive tried running arma 3 as an admin in compatability mode,

Nothing is overheating when attempting to play the game, nor was it last night when it was working.

Ive tried un and reinstalling battle eye

ive tried running a memory allocation command in the local startup thing,

ive optimised all disks etc

scanned for viruses etc

all windows updates are done



Im currently reintsalling but im not hopeful that itll work, because, its arma...


Any help would be appreciated, ive been playing arma years and i dont want to stop now, especially with a new rig which i can run decent graphics settings on!




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I have had some unstability when launching Arma the last few days, in the worst cases the game would not launch at all. In my case two things seemed to cause it:

  1. While launching, I went into a browser or did other things, it seems that is not a good idea, better allow Arma to launch completely before switching away.
  2. while launching Arma, the Windows Defender system kicked in (could see it in task manager) and grinded everything to a halt. Its called Antimalware Executable or something similar in the task manager. So I read that you can dial down the hours that it runs or add Arma to some list of approved programs that should not be scrutinized (haven't tried that), so that may be a workaround. If the latter, probably best to add Steam to that list as well

I hope you solve your issues. My issues started like a week ago and I had Arma running smooth for months until that. So I also removed mods and such, but there seems to be something going on these days.


Your issue seems to be while in-game, but my experience may give some ideas on what to look for. In general, always try clean without any mods first. Then start adding mods if you use those

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