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Task Force Poseidon

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  • Be at least 16 years old.
  • Own a full, legal copy of ArmA III & the Apex expansion.
  • Own a working microphone and have Teamspeak 3 installed (or be able to install it).
  • The ability to make as many official operations as possible. There is no mandatory attendance requirement but we encourage members to attend as much as they can.
  • Do not belong to any other ArmA III group or tactical/realism/MILSIM unit at any point during your time with us. We do not tolerate people who dual-clan.

We are a MILSIM unit made up of players from around the world who like to play ArmA III tactically but also know how to have fun, and are currently looking to expand our membership with some quality people.
The unit is a fictional NATO task force. We specialise in small boat operations, rapid air assault, and general SF tactics (HALO/HAHO, land warfare).
We have two detachments:

Ground - our boots on the ground. Ground is made up of two squads, each one containing a command team and 2x 6 man strike teams. These teams contain a mix of roles, and are designed to work together on mission objectives.
Aviation - our eyes in the sky. We currently operate the AH/MH-6 Little Bird, UH-60 DAP, MH-47E Chinook and the MV-22 Osprey.
We meet every Sunday at 1300 EST / 1800 GMT / 1900 CET for an official operation, which are typically co-ops versus AI forces where we will deploy to complete some set objectives. However we encourage members to set up optional events throughout the week, and our members play a lot of other games as well as ArmA III. Official operations last for four hours (1800-2200 GMT).
Also please note our weekly Sunday ops are forced first person unless you are in a vehicle. We also use respawns so if you die you can be reinserted into the mission, however there will be the natural delay of getting a chopper back to the staging point and securing an LZ for the reinsert.
Another thing to note is we use the full ACE3 Advanced Medical System during our operations. We offer training on this during the mandatory core training for new members.
Whilst we use a ranking system we do not use it to communicate, for example we do not call people by rank or “sir” both ingame and out of game. 

The ranks are merely to show how long a member has been with the group and their experience level, nothing more. They range from PVT to MAJ for Ground (depending on role) and from WOC to CW5 for Aviation (depending on role).


We use a custom modpack for official events consisting of popular mods such as ACE3, Task Force Radio, CUP Terrains, CUP Weapons/Units/Vehicles, as well as some in-house mods including custom ones. 

Like many groups we use a repository for the modpack (via Arma3Sync) so it's simple to keep them updated regardless of modding experience.
We offer access to a group Teamspeak server which is running 24/7, an ArmA III game server which runs our training base, and a chance to become part of a community and enjoy both tactical ArmA gameplay and whatever people are playing.

Our website is located here - http://www.tfposeidon.com/

Joining process is here - http://tfposeidon.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=23

And here is our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChYtgeXsXR_4g8Fuu7W-H6A
Thanks for reading,

Major Bridge.J on behalf of TFP.

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TFP now enters it's second year of operation.


Since founding in December 2019 we've grown to 30 active members each Sunday, completed two narrative campaigns created by our Zeus team, and conducted operations every Sunday of the year before closing for Christmas.


We've just posted a new promo video, containing clips of our ops from this year:



If you're interested visit our website at http://www.tfposeidon.com/ or jump on our Teamspeak (ts.tfposeidon.com)


- Major Bridge.J

TF Poseidon

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