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Question about the current Multiplayer Clanwar Situation

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I was playing Operation Flashpoint Multiplayer some years ago.

I would like to come back, but perhaps it makes only sense with armed assault 3.  

Are there still competetive clans wars like  6vs6  / 8vs8 on large scaled maps? 

Can you give me some Hyperlinks?



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There isn't much of a pvp scene anymore, at least not in the sense of anything like the old cft, c&h leagues that used to be run during OFP times.

You will be able to find the odd king of the hill style server but afaik I have none to recommend that I think are run well

Even the milsim side of things isn't as strong as it used to be, there is a lot more casual game styles like Altis life and other stuff i never even look at.

If you want good coop there are still a lot of decent communities around and the game engine itself is way better that OFP with the exception of the AI not following orders to the letter like they used too.

The latest island Livonia that BIS released is by far their best yet, and the previous jungle one Tanoa is also very very good, so I would recommend the DLC's just for that.

Teamspeak is still the most popular comms system for milsim, with some communities trying to do it on  Discord.


Hope that gives you an idea what to expect

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