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REA [Redeploying Engage and Annex]

🔹 Very Friendly Community - 8 Units, One Objective a week.
🔹 We teach Newcomers how to play all the time.
🔹 Current map: Clafghan.
🔹 Current enemy: Taliban.
🔹 Next map: Lingor.
🔹 Next enemy: Russians.
🔹 No attendance required, but always helpful.
🔹 15+ Player Operations and growing.




Working mic is HIGHLY recommended

Must be able to speak, understand, and type in English.

Must be willing to contribute to the unit. Whether it's helping staff or showing up for ops, we like it when our members are a little more hands on.




A friendly community of like-minded individuals who are teammates on the field and friends off of it.

An environment where Quality of members is more focused on than Quantity. We like it when a lot of members join our operations, but do not like it when members start ruining the fun of everyone else.




164th Infantry Company - The main attacking force of REA. Typically composed of those that have a thirst for action.

62nd Force Recon Company - Secondary attacking force of REA, also specializes in Recon, and works closely with the 164th.

10th Mountain Division - Main Recon unit, typically located on mountain sides, not sky-lining. Primarily keeps over watch for other divisions. Can consist of a few Snipers/Spotters.

82nd Para Infantry - Airborne Unit, Focuses on jumping out of aircraft near combat areas/behind enemy lines via. C-130 or CH-47. Able to survive using limited resources.

300th Menewa Waya - A special unit that specializes in CQB, commonly clearing buildings and extracting subjects and/or hostages.

16th Air Cav - Specializes in anything air related. Redeployment, insertion/extraction, gun runs and more.

9th Armored Division - This division specializes with anything armored, aka tanks.

195th Artillery Detachment - This division supports from the ground, whether it be self-propelled artillery vehicles, or via. ground mortars.



➤ SUNDAY: Post-op training
➤ MONDAY: Open for training/small ops
➤ TUESDAY: Open for training/small ops
➤ WEDNESDAY: Open for training/small ops
➤ THURSDAY: Open for training/small ops
➤ FRIDAY: Recruiting/Pre-op training

➤ SATURDAY: Main Op 4:30pm EST
If Saturday is unavailable, then it will be pushed to Sunday.



If you are interested in joining us or coming in for a chat, please join our discord or our teamspeak.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mT7mJ3y
TeamSpeak IP:

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