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Hi, I'm a new developer and I'm trying to make a custom UAV that has two cameras: a pilot view and a 'bomb bay door' style view looking down at the ground.

I've been at this for a while, and I can't seem to find a good explanation for how turrets work on the forums or on YouTube.

Does anyone have any resources that might help?

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If you can't find much on a UAV turret, maybe look for other turrets as an example and apply the knowledge/logic to your problem. Maybe look how BI do their UAVs and see if you can work it out. Feel free to share any info you have if you learn something new the community hasn't covered!

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I'm going to try to explain


In Object editor you have to create a couple memory points just pressing Ins

If you follow BIS standard settings for UAV you must use these names but in reality you can name them as you wish as long as you use the same names in Object Editor and the config.cpp file of the UAV. The problema lies in that if you don't use some standard names you Will not be able to fully use the UAV console.


For the pilot locate in the model the point where the camera lies and create one point called


Then create another one like 0,1-0.2 meters towards the front part of the model and name it


The first one sets the position from where we "see". The second one sets the orientation towards we are looking at.


Then locate the position where the bombing sight lies in the mode and repeat.

Create another point and name it 


Create another one and put it below the previous one (same X and Z coordinates but 0.1 or 0.2 meters less in the Y coordinates) and name it



We are almost finished.


In the Config CPP, for a UAV  that Works with the UAV console we must follow some standard procedures. The point names I have used follow those guidelines.


In the config Cpp we have to add these lines:       

 isUav=1;        uavCameraDriverPos="pip_pilot_pos";        uavCameraDriverDir="pip_pilot_dir";        uavCameraGunnerPos="PiP0_pos";        uavCameraGunnerDir="PiP0_dir";



You can add more features like PIP etc... but this is the most basic setup for what you want

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