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John Douglas

No longer able to "Import list of mods from a file" using "More v" option?

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I've been successfully using the ArmA3 Installer since the 25th March, amassing and building my list of mods, and using the "...More v" option to import and export "list of mods" to and from a file. That was up until 5th April I now receive the following message when I import  . . . . "We didn't find any new mods to subscribe" in a window warning box titled - "Subscribe mods"

I can still successfully 'export a list of mods to a file', and then use the PRESET option to import my mod list successfully.


So why is the launcher no longer allowing an "Import list of mods from a file . . . ." using the "...More v" icon ?

Is there anything I can reset to fix?


Launcher version: 1.5.146096

Game version: 1.96.146114

Branch: main / beta branch not specified

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I can verify that - the feature is broken. It used to work. The launcher has been behaving erratically recently, wonder if there was an update to it that was bad.

Edit: Nope, the launcher on my system is from December 15, 2019. Might be a Steam issue or some Windows update which has caused it.

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