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Building Modelling Help please!

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Hey guys. I recently started doing some building modeling for Arma 3 as a hobby and I want to make some custom buildings. The way I am doing this is making a 3D model in 3DS Max. Then opening with Arma 3 tools Object Editor, without changing anything in there I am saving it and packing it into a PBO with Addon builder and then putting it into a mod folder to test it in game. So I have everything working fine. I can get my model in game and I can see it and all. There are 2 major problems I have. The first one is that I can walk through the walls of my building that I made in 3DS Max. Not sure why but I want them to be solid of course. The second problem is that the texture that I put on the objects in 3DS does not go with the object through Object Builder and then into game. It is just a plain white color. I want to know how to keep the textures on it and how to make the walls solid and not able to be passed through. Thank you

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Walls need to be modeled in Geo LOD as simple is possible, then go to „Structure“ -> „Topology“ -> „Find Components“.

White wall might be a missing texture or wrong path to texture.


look into House model Sample: https://store.steampowered.com/app/390500/Arma_3_Samples/

and watch some tutorials:




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