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Hello,  I'm new to creating missions with the editor,  and am trying to set up a mission where, after you kill an officer in a base,  another officer starts retreating, and you need to take him out as well. On top of that,  you need to clear the base of hostiles to finish the scenario; however; if you kill the second officer before you kill the first one,  the scenario doesn't end. You still get assigned to take him out even though he's already dead.  I have multiple triggers and tasks set up, one that activates the retreat when you kill the first officer(which is the first task). This also assigns the task of eliminating the second officer.  I have another task that makes you have to clear the base which is synced to a trigger that completes the task.  I guess long story short,  is it possible to skip a task if it is completed before it is assigned? 

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