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[-RB-] Razorbacks Tac-Coop - UK/EU

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[-RB-] Razorbacks Arma Community


[-RB-] Razorbacks is a ARMA 3 community that aims to provide players with a place to play the full package that vanilla ARMA 3 has to offer and more. [-RB-] strives to throw players into a first person, tactical environment by hosting a dedicated, well administrated ArmA 3 server, with a focus on hosting COOP scenarios.


We play publicly every weekend with the main night being Friday, starting from 20:00 zulu.

Gameplay is tactical coop with mainly 1 life missions but we also have plenty of banter and laughs (with plenty of alcohol).

We are Europe players using English.




JSRS Sound Mod (Optional)


Steam Workshop Mod Subscribe List


Search for the following server:

[-RB-] Razorbacks Tac-Coop - HC MODS

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Latest MOD's List:


Required MODS

We use the following mods on this server:

CBA_A3 - RB_ACE - ACRE2 - RB_CUP - RB_RHS - RB_Units - RB_QOL -  JBAD - Lythium

Optional Mods

JSRS Sound Mod - Head Range Plus - 9Liners & Notepad - Window Breaker - Dismount Where You Look

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