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AI are meant to be left ENABLED!!!


    This scenario was born out of my desire for a fun sandbox-like game mode that me and a/few friends could setup quickly and replay. Essentially an entertaining "classic" for me and my buddies to fall-back on. What i ended up with was a procedurally - generated, PVE, Sector Control mission. With that being said, let’s go over some of what I think are the more interesting features (all of them DUH!😆).


  • Combined arms style combat 
  • Whole map, or hemispherical sector placement of Enemy Sectors and objectives
  • Heavily modified variants of EOS and COS to create a more believable and varied world while minimizing CPU demand
  • Randomized civilian and enemy ground and air traffic
  • Custom revive system accompanied by a custom “auto-medic” system
  • Command Points scoring system & stores
  • Randomized and changing weather and randomized or selectable time of day
  • 1-8 player co-op multiplayer up to two squads of 4 people
  • Fully works with vanilla save system

The scenario essentially plays out like this:
    You can have one to so many Enemy Sectors (amount of sectors based on the map) spread out over the whole map randomly, or in a more collected randomly chosen hemisphere (to keep travel times and logistics to a minimum (When you ain't got time for that ****!)). You start at HQ or base (DUH!) and plop down a Forward Operating Position. The FOP will function as a re-spawn point for you and KIA squad mates (AI or otherwise), as well as a Command Point (CP) store and arsenal. The objective is to occupy all Enemy Sectors and hold them all simultaneously. The enemy will continuously send reinforcements to replenish the ranks (as you do) unless you locate and destroy the enemy Forward Command Center. Doing so will halt all future reinforcements (although this isn't necessary for victory). 


    All of this will be handled by the vanilla tasks system. New side task possibilities will be added as discovered on the battlefield. There may even be some prerequisite tasks to complete before you can take on the Enemy Sectors for victory. All tasks will of course reward the completing squad with CP to be spent at the Command Point Store.


How to earn Command Points:
   You earn CP by killing enemies and completing tasks, as well as holding sectors. Killing civilians however, loses you 5 CP.   


“What the f*** do command points buy?”
    The Command Store and Support Stores can be accessed by the squad leader and will allow you to deploy vehicles for your squad as well as commendable units (using High Command mode (Left Ctrl + Space)) and supports (i.e. artillery strikes, various air support, and supply drops ).   

Steam Workshop


3rd party credits:






Original EOS & COS of course belong to bangabob! 


Dynamic Weather 2 by tortuosit





Sorry this is primarily a Steam Workshop release. It's easier for me to manage updates and the like that way. Also if the description seems a little passé, please forgive me ...it's...well it's a different crowd over there. 🙄


Questions & Comments are good! Try to keep the negative constructive, if you would please.

Thanks for any love or support!  

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Just to be clear you can play this single player just fine. You just have to host it locally and play as a group leader.


Also, I have made several quality of life changes in updates all outlined in the workshop change notes. 

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