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ACE Medical add action to Medic Menu

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I open this thread so that people who search for it on the Internet can find it easier than I do.

I have solved this with the help of the people who were in the Slack of the ACE (special mention to Schwaggot).

1. It have to be executed from an Addon (or at least it is the only way it worked for me)
2. Code executed from my addon config.cpp

class ace_medical_treatment_actions {
		class Diagnose;
        class ExecuteMyCode: Diagnose {
            displayName = "EXECUTE MY CODE";
			displayNameProgress = "EXECUTE MY CODE";
            items[] = {};
            category = "examine";
            allowedSelections[] = {"All"};
            allowSelfTreatment = 1;
            treatmentTime = 3;
            callbackSuccess = "true";
            callbackFailure = "";
            callbackProgress = "";
			condition = "true";
            itemConsumed = 0;
            litter[] = {};


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