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[SP] Road To Pyrgos

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Mission name is a bit misleading as it doesn't take place in or near Pyrgos but plays on the whole Operation Steel Pegasus theme of busting a move towards Pyrgos.

Your play as part of a US Marine Corp Platoon who do an amphibious assault on low draft Riverine craft to secure a beachhead for potential supply or withdrawal operations only to find yourself dragged inland a bit deeper.


Mission is voice acted and has some of my music in it.

Uses some assets from Jets and Marksman.

You do not control a squad. Your are led by an AI Squad leader.

At least one of your squad mates must survive.

Localized stringtable includes English and German. Please message me if you would like to translate to another language.

Open only if you prefer spoilers and don't like surprises (No plot surprises as there isn't much of a story just scripts and what the mission is broken up into):



This is a short mission that takes place in Altis around Mazi Bay. Its split into 3 parts: Preparation (a little bit of an atmospheric start where you can pick and choose your equipment), an amphibious landing with a short fire fight and an urban Mout task.

This mission was generally to test scripts I have been working on and off on.


Points of interest:

The land fire fight the AI will try to move away/use more smoke/crawl away if it feels the odds are stacked against it. It factors in the number enemies it can see vs friendlies, the amount of armor rating units have and whether they have launchers (not really utilized much in this short mission but you will get to see a little bit of what I am working on).


The MOUT fight at the end I wanted to achieve a few things with the script:


- Have AI move from house to house

- Increase survival for AI or lethality of potential kill zones

- Have AI remain grouped in squads so as to feed the normal target info to each other and use team leader's target list as the point of focus for the squad

- Have script prioritize units for movement from house to house who are farthest from team leader selected target

- Move only 40% of units unless unit count is <- 2 while the rest wait

- Get AI to randomly flank target position house rather than make a straight line for target area (they still will but where there are enough houses they have a decent spread

- Get AI to remain in relative proximity of the squad (catch up if lagging behind if the distance exceeds X)


Won't say the script has achieved my points as these where goals I wanted to give you an idea of where I was heading out. 


Your squad has a predetermined point it will gradually sweep towards and spread out in the process (depending on number of houses. Initially units might bunch up around the graveyard). 


MOUT ends once your squad leader gets within 100m of the determined point and then walks to a given waypoint or the enemy are all eliminated.


Experience will vary with each play through. AI skill is set randomly to medium/high for faster reactions etc for the Urban side of the mission. Your position is not fed to the AI, the AI remains grouped so it automatically passes information on as it normally does ingame. AI is scripted to try and break off engagement if it gets suppressed while moving from house to house but this doesn't always work and can lead to stupid behaviors. In any case hope you guys enjoy.






Let me know if the music is too loud or if the levels in the music are off and if you run into any problems. Thank you!

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Guys check out this cool little mission, it has great atmosphere, some nice cut scenes, and well done voice acting. 

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Probably the best SP (non-BIS dev made) mission I've ever played. Phenomenal work. The voice over work was high quality, the transitions smooth and un-interrupting, and the game-play was engaging but not overbearing in difficulty.

Great job.

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