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I'm running a server with my project, currently 20 slots, but could increase.  I've taken on the dissension mission and i'm working daily to make it something truly amazing.  Currently I've cleaned it up a lot an made it truly playable with long run times and extensive fixes.  I'm looking to find people interested in playing as I've made something very fun, taking into account my real world experience to guide development in conjunction with some fun.  The server makes a CTI island war truly persistent as the dissension framework saves progress(amazing work by genesis).  I'm bringing rock solid performance and refinement to the project, as well as server only ambiance that will make civilians part of the battlescape while running 24/7.  The development path is ongoing, but the project is playable on my server.  If you've never tried Dissension before you're in for a treat.  Genesis laid out a great framework to build on.

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