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by Mixuray



"Survivors of Stratis" is a singleplayer mission which takes place during the events of "The East Wind". You play as Corporal White, a NATO soldier and former member of Charlie.
After Charlie got attacked by CSAT, during their invasion on the island, and you retreated into a small forest, it became clear that you'd have to escape from Stratis.




Playtime: About 45 Minutes

Made in: About 2 Weeks



Voice Acting:

Mixuray - Corporal White

Gamse - Private Taylor




Steam Workshop



Even if our voice acting is not perfect, we still hope that you'll enjoy playing our mission! 😄

Explore the map a litte. Maybe you can find some small secrets. 😉




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0DFD6CAB3616FA7D3FFA71AC87969EA346E52412     FC655D47C87591C97C527AA9D2AAE0DF83AA6092     23BABE16C898361B680E206EBD44C2932A0AA904

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