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This is a MOD that adds a tattoo based on the U.S. Army and Navy to all characters and a unique and simple tattoo.

Download here(steam workshop link)


I want to make a variety of tattoos in the future, so I started this thread because I wanted to hear from the community, so please feel free to contact me.


and Last...

Also, as you can see, I am not an English speaker, so please allow some strange sentences...?imw=268&imh=268&ima=fit&impolicy=Letter

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Now, I am working on 3rd updating. Completion is near, So there is a suggestion, I came up with the idea to make your face texture appear with all tattoos in this mod.

Of course, the tattoo designs you made are also the best.  (But you need texture for all Skin color.)

How to join is very easy, just put your idea in the ''Idea texture'' folder of Google Drive here


Finally, leave a sample of tattoos added in the next update















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