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How to get more consistently good results from Dynamic Recon Ops: any tips?

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At the beginning of the year, we started using the Dynamic Recon Ops mission for my group of 4-8 people. At first we had great experiences: missions that felt alive and challenging yet manageable, but recently we've been having a more frustrating time: vehicles spawned into buildings or tents and blowing up immediately, clumps of deadly enemies, mission setups that feel pretty random. (Obviously there's a random element, but I've played DRO missions where everything came together well.)


Do people with more experience of DRO have any tips on how we can increase the chances of a generated mission being fun, and decrease the chances of the mission starting with our designated vehicle blowing up in our faces? Are there objective types to avoid? Are there locations on the maps that are better than others? Any tips would be much appreciated, because I'm slowly starting to lose patience myself with Arma and DRO, especially after seeing so many recorded DRO missions on YouTube that look great.

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