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IncomingMissile EventHandler

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According to BIKI, the IncomingMissile EventHandler is global. (When talking about local/global of EH, we're talking about whether the EH will be triggered on remote vehicles that the EH is assigned to.)

However, the author found that this is incomplete. Few days ago in latest CTI MPMissions (ver TZK_2.12 v00) the author add IncomingMissile EH (used for alert) to tanks on all clients but not on dedicated server. The result is surprising that this EH won't be triggered by server-local rockets/missiles. This follows that IncomingMissile EH must be related to client-local rocket/missiles as well.

Further tests show that the "command" parameter of addEventHandler about IncomingMissile EH on dedicated server can be empty string, like

<a server-remote vehicle> addEventHandler ["IncomingMissile", ""]

and the IncomingMissile EH on player clients' can be triggered by server-local rockets/missiles.

Thus the conclusion is that although IncomingMissile EH is global, it requires at least an empty EH on remote clients that you wish their rocket/missile trigger this EH. The command of EH can be nothing, but the EH can't be omitted.


It would be more clearly if compare with Fired EH. Assume there are 2 clients: call player's client "A", and call a remote client, e.g. dedicated server, "B". On A client Fired EH can be added to all tanks created on "B" to display tracer effect of tanks created by "B". The Fired EH will work for A once any tank of B shoot any bullet. But if A add IncomingMissile EH to B vehicles, the EH won't work if vehicle is attacking by missiles shot from clients except A, unless on the client where missiles are shot from added IncomingMissile EH to that B vehicle as well.

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