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I can not use my WASD keys for movement, unless i hold the alt key down before pressing them.  I realize ALT is default for looking around, and have thus double clicked, triple clicked, clicked times infinity that particular key to make sure it is being used correctly.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled ARMA twice.  I have disabled all my mods and just played vanilla arma.  The Arrow keys still function as intended for movement purposes.  i can still actually control and use wasd to change stances.  the only thing i can not use the wasd keys is for movement.  i can rebind them to any other feature, and they still will only function if i hold ALT down prior.  now if i clear every keybind EXCEPT for WASD, they still wont work.  If i go through every key bind, adding left ALT to it along with having WASD they might work, i will let you know if i ever get around to doing that.  Otherwise if anyone has any other thoughts on why they are not working, please let me know.  

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