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Solved an easter egg (missing furniture | Arma 3 Contact)

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Hey! I think I solved and easter egg in arma 3 contact dlc. 



This image shows a leaflet with an UFO and the headline "mysterious disappearance of all furniture" 


I was playing Arma 3 Contact for several times now. Yesterday i decided to play those missions again and just search the map (livonia) for some interesting spots. In the 5th mission (CAPRE NOCTEM), where you should search for the alien root, i was walking near "CAMP KRESNIK". On my way to CAMP KRESNIK (pretty close to those 2 HEMTT trucks) i saw something flying in the air. It was furniture. 





Yep, furniture floating in the air. I was walking in the direction where the furniture floated and i found something even better. A big fu***** pile of furniture. 






First of all i thought that this was a bug or something like that but i took some research and found out that this is acutally an easter egg which hasn't been solved since 2015. At least i couldn't find anything about this furniture easter egg.


Well Arma 3 Contact is famous for aliens (at least UFO's) in it and on the leaflet was an UFO and missing furniture. So i guess i found the missing furniture? 😄


For all of those who want to find this themselves. The following link is a map of the furniture pile. 


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I have seen the newspaper in my play-throughs, but the flying and piled furniture is new to me. Great find!

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The news paper itself is an older easter egg from years ago not specifically related to Contact. The combination of the article and the big pile of furniture is a nice addition to the missing furniture joke, good find!

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