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Ok so I thought I understood this...I've packed several small mods before and I could load them just fine.

However, I'm trying again for the first time in a while, following the exact same structure, and it's coming back telling me "file not found".


I have the following as my file structure in my P: drive:




Within the addon folder I have included config.cpp with the following line, as per the Arma 3 samples, and the file basicdefines_A3.hpp also copied from the samples.

#include "basicdefines_A3.hpp"

At the moment this is the only thing in the config file not commented out.


However when I pack this (without errors) and load it into the launcher (...Arma 3\@modName\addons\addonName.pbo), whilst loading it tells me it is unable to find the basic defines file.

The same is also true of any other files I try to #include.

This tells me I probably haven't referenced it correctly, but after a whole morning of googling and trying every conceivable iteration of file paths I've decided it's time to ask for help.



Much appreciated,


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Thread resolved.

Ensuring that the addon name and folder names were identical has fixed the issue.

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